How to See People who Blocked you on Facebook | See Blocked List On FB

How to See People who Blocked you on Facebook | See Blocked List On FB – How to See People who Blocked you on Facebook: The word “Facebook block” means that a customer restricts another from seeing his or her profile, send friend requests, send out messages, comments or perhaps reviewing other posts written on photos, web links, web pages, or teams.

Facebook block feature is the most effective weapon a Facebook account holder has over controlling his or her account as you can easily get rid of disturbance and stalkers from your profile with this powerful feature. Everything seems fine when you block someone on Facebook but the story changes when you are on the receiving end of the block and you are blocked on Facebook, the funniest thing is that you will not receive any notification when you are block, but in this article, we will show you how to see person who blocked you on Facebook

How to See People who Blocked you on Facebook

To see if somebody has blocked you on Facebook you can easily perform these actions,
Start by looking for his name on Facebook. If you do not find the profile, then that means something is wrong, you are likely blocked. Another quick check is to search for a friend you have in common and from that friend’s profile, if you still don’t find the person’s name among the mutual friends’ list, then there is a possibility that either of these things has happened:

  1. Your friend has actually blocked you.
  2. The friend has actually removed his account.
  3. The account of the person has actually been blocked probably after going against Facebook’s guidelines

If you still aren’t certain, the final step you can try out is ask a friend to search for such user from their own account, if the search is visible on that account, then certainly you have been blocked.
I hope in this short guide we’ve shown you steps to identify if you’ve been blocked on Facebook.

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