How to Search Facebook For Classmates and Co-workers | Unfriend Inactive Facebook Friends

How to Search Facebook For Classmates and Co-workers | Unfriend Inactive Facebook Friends –  A Facebook friend is the same as a real-life friend in many respects. These are the individuals you hang out with as colleagues, stay in contact with, care about, and want to publicly recognize. They’re not people who you’ve met on Facebook. Instead, they are the people you call on the phone; if you cross paths, pause and catch up with them; or invite them over for parties, meals, and general social gatherings.
There are plenty of shades of friendship in real life, considering the variations between acquaintances, a workmate, an activity buddy, and best friends. Facebook gives you a few tools to negotiate these friendship stages. But most partnerships are lumped into a blanket “mate” group by default.

How to Find Classmates and Co-Workers on Facebook

The Friend Finder on Facebook works by searching for large groups of people with whom you may like to become friends. A common idea is that, over the years, you would want to become friends with people with whom you have been to school and worked with. Take these steps to find these individuals:
1. Click the Friends icon on top of the broad blue bar.
The menu for Friend Requests appears.
2. Click the Find Friends icon at the top of the menu.
3. The page for Friend Finder appears.
Click Other Methods (generally found at the bottom of the options list).
4. Click one of the links to Find Colleagues from or Find Classmates from.
All these links go to the same location, which is a Facebook page for people to search.
5. To search for individuals from your different occupations or colleges, use the check boxes on the left side of the page.
How to Search Facebook For Classmates and Co-workers | Unfriend Inactive Facebook Friends
Selecting a check box shows individuals from that school or company. By entering the name of a mutual friend, you may also search for individuals from your birthplace, current town, or workplace.


1. It also shows you fewer individuals when you pick more than one checkbox, since Facebook is now searching for individuals who both worked at Mom’s Pizza and went to Hamilton High School. Select only one check-box at a time to find more users.
2. In reality, you can search for individuals other than those you have mentioned on your timeline in cities, businesses, and schools. Look for the empty boxes that say Add Another, and type the school, area, or business where you think you know individuals.

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

It happens to everybody: you start feeling like a few people are cluttering up Facebook for you after a while and want to unfriend some people. You might either feel like you’ve got too many friends, or you and a friend might have legitimately drifted apart. You may have had a major fall-out and just need a break. Don’t worry; you can unfriend people just like you.

Do the following in order to unfriend someone:

1. Go to the Timeline of the User.
2. Click the button for Friends. A menu appears for adding individuals to Friend Lists. The last item is Unfriend in this list.
3. Click the link to Unfriend. There is a window coming up asking if you’re sure you want this friend to be deleted.
4. Click the button for Delete from Friends.
Take a silent moment. All right, that’s been long enough.
When you unfriend them, people are not told, but people who care for you (that is, relatives, close friends) appear to note on their own that, hey, you’re no longer on their friend list. Often this can lead to awkwardness, so it may be worth using your privacy settings to further restrict the perception of your life of these people before you unfriend them.
Many people go through periodic friend-cleaning. For instance, you might find that you want to stay in contact with certain individuals from that chapter in your life after changing jobs or moving; others, you just don’t. Unfriend, off.

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