How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Available

I can t get Facebook dating and Facebook dating not showing up 2022 has been the latest report from Facebook dating users. Facebook dating app not showing up on your profile can be caused by different reasons such as poor wi-fi connections, not updating your Facebook app, and many others.

Although recently, Facebook users have reported problems such as:

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There are ways to fix these problems and they will be addressed in this post.

To get Facebook dating, ensure that you update the Facebook app and do other things such as:

  • Uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app.
  • Activate Facebook app notifications
  • Update the Facebook app
  • Close and open the Facebook app
  • Check your internet connection
  • Clear your cache
  • Restart your phone

Why I can t get Facebook dating | Why is t Facebook dating showing up

The problem of Facebook dating not showing up can be due to:

  • The Facebook app is not being updated
  • Facebook notifications blocked
  • Facebook dating is not enabled in your region
  • You are below 18
  • Facebook Dating is down for everyone
  • Corrupt mobile device cache
  • Internet connection problem

Why can’t I see the dating icon on Facebook

If you have a problem that you can’t see the Facebook dating icon on your profile, it can be because of these four reasons: you are below 18, your Facebook app needs to be updated, Facebook dating isn’t enabled in your region or Facebook dating is down for everyone in your region.

To use FB dating, you need to create one by signing up for a Facebook dating profile. And after the signup, you are on Facebook dating and can find friends of your choice. If you still have problems finding the dating icon, then you’ll need to do these:

  • update your FB app to the latest version
  • Use a fast internet connection

Facebook dating not showing up 2022 | How To Fix Facebook Dating Not Available

Uninstall and reinstall your Facebook App or You Update your Facebook App

Why Facebook dating is not showing up in 2022 can be because of issues with the FB App or Not Updating your FB app to the latest version. To fix this problem, simply uninstall and reinstall or update your Facebook App. After updating the app, check if facebook dating shows up or not. You can find it as a menu under the toggle bar. You can just find it easily by swiping down the menu of the app.

If Facebook dating is available in your region, after uninstalling and reinstalling or updating your Facebook app, you’ll certainly find the dating icon on your screen.

Know More About Facebook Dating

Again, your dating profile is separate from your usual Facebook profile — much to everyone’s relief. So even though it’s connected to your main account, your dating activities are never broadcasted to your Facebook timeline. Facebook Dating does, however, take advantage of your network.

Your dating profile isn’t limited to who your friends are on the site. Rather, your “suggested” profiles (aka, people that Facebook thinks you might want to reach out to) will be based on your interests, preferences, and other things you do on Facebook.

While we’re at it, the settings for who can see your info that is included in Facebook Dating might spark your interest, as well. First, Facebook Dating is opt-in only, which means you become a part of this particular network if you actively choose to; and if you don’t want to join Facebook Dating, Facebook will not create any sort of dating profile to connect to your regular profile on your behalf.

Another nifty little aspect of Facebook Dating is that you can choose whether your friends of Facebook friends can be suggested as matches, or whether you want even more distance between your dating world and your regular profile world.

So even if you use Facebook Dating, you can rest assured that your boss won’t see your Dating profile ever, unless you want them to. The same goes for your nosy family friends. What a relief.

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