Free Facebook Marketplace Feature | How to Use Marketplace on FB

Free Facebook Marketplace Feature | How to Use Marketplace on FB – Facebook marketplace Free is a Facebook feature that is available free of charge to all Facebook users. The marketplace allows an item to be bought and sold for free by the customer. Often it’s expensive for some people to start up an online store, but you get to do it for free with Facebook. The platform was built free of charge for all users; having a Facebook account is the only prerequisite for setting up the store.

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The marketplace is very different from every other online shop. This is because it has a unique way of selling. When I mean unique, I mean, you can only sell items to people who are in the same city as you. This is mainly for security reasons. As a seller on the marketplace, you get to choose the location you want your shop to be displayed. Mostly, the region is usually within states or cities. To select the locations, you would need to visit Facebook Market place setting, and once you have done that, all buyers and even sellers around your location would be able to see your shop on the marketplace.

How to Locate Facebook marketplace Free on Desktop, Android, and IOS

Locating the marketplace on your device is very easy. Once you open your Facebook account, there is an icon with the shape of a storefront that is the marketplace icon. Well for every device, accessing the marketplace is different. But I will be giving you the steps below.


The marketplace icon is located at the menu bar, at the left-hand side of your screen


It is located at the top of your Facebook home page, along with other icons.


For an iOS devices, it is located at the bottom of the home page.
Making sales on the marketplace means your products have to be attractive. So you really need to get all the good angles of your product. Plus, it also needs a good description, and that description should entail all its amazing features including the condition of the items. All items on the marketplace are also categorized, so you can easily locate the item you want to purchase.

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